White Flower Analgeric Balm

Product Name: White Flower Analgeric Balm
Item Code: 333L

For Arthritis, SORE MUSCLES, JOINT PAIN, STRESS. * WHAT IS WHITE FLOWER ANALGESIC BALM? It's a unique combination of essential oils derived from menthol, wintergreen, camphor,eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint which can effectively alleviate aches aches & pains of muscles and joints. This potent mixture is based on a very effective old Chinese Yin Yang formula, it is also the most effective of all Chinese balms in that it is in yin yang balance, in a clear liquid form, not greasy, non-staining and it penetrate& deeper, thus relieves faster the stress caused by muscular or joint pain. * FOR THE TEMPORARY RELIEF OF STRESS CAUSED BY ALLERGY/ASTHMA, COLDS,MOTION SICKNESS & FATIGUE * put 1 or 2 drops in center of palms, then rub fast both palms to create heat, cup mouth airtight with both palms & inhale slowly by the mouth. Repeat 4 or 5 times. Also rub some around throat temples, ears, forehead, chest & nuque. Do 3 or 4 times daily - FOR THE TEMPORARY RELIEF OF MINOR PAIN DUE TO ARTHRITIS, BACKACHE, KNEE PAIN... Just rub in several drops on muscle or joint till all drops disappear and massage for a few minutes. Apply 2 or 3 daily. - You can also use White Flower Balm to rub on the bottom of both your feet, then stand up and put 1 foot on a golf ball to roll in all direction to massage the bottom of your feet to activate the ending of the nerves and adjust meridians to increase the immune system for better health. -PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE * All pores are open after hot shower. Before dressing. rub several drops on lower back, back of neck, wrist, elbow, knee & ankle joints & massage for minutes each area, then put on clothes to warm up body. The heat will help better circulation to relieve stressed muscle & joints to relax mind & body. Do it daily as part of your lifestyle to maintain better health & pain free. * 0.67 FL.OZ. (20ml)