Silver Hydrosol

Product Name: Silver Hydrosol
Item Code: 141

Immune Support suggest 5 droppers daily or as directed by health care provider. 10 ppm / 8 fl.oz. DOSAGE INFORMATION The EPA oral reference dose (RfD), applied to 10 ppm of silver may be the most authoritive guide for safety. The (RfD) for a 154 Ib. adult= 7 tsps. or (350mcg) per day for 70 years of ingestion and a critical dose of 19.6 tsps. or 980 micrograms per day for an average adult.(1EPA, IRIS CASRN# 744-224,1996) *Adults: 1 or more teaspoons daily or as directed by a health care provider. When immune comprised: once every 15-30minutes while acute, then reduce to once every 1-2 hours. Long term immune crisis: 4-7 times a day. **Children: 12 and under 1/2 teaspoon or more daily. ***Infants: 1/4 teaspoon or more daily. ****Silver Hydrosol should be held under tongue 30 seconds prior to swallowing.**** **SILVER HYDROSOL 100% Natural.** A silver hydrosol is a colloid of ultra-pure silver suspended in ultra-pure water: Pure water being the essential ingredient of life! Naturally bio-available (based on particle size and dispersion). Silver Hydrosol is a clear and virtually tasteless liquid. Color indicates contaminates, additives or large particle size. This product can be taken continuously if necessary or desired. Colloidal Silver (Silver Hydrosol) has been used with excellent results under the most demanding health care circumstances for nearly a century. It is clearly making a dramatic comeback as one of the stars of natural healing, and it may well turn out to be the answer to today's horrifying infectious virus and bacteria crisis. You and your family face many different health challenges, including a wide array of mild and severe immune threats. Silver Hydrosol can help you and your family take control of many health issues while providing a level of comfort that all of us are yearning ;or in this day and age. Children, adults, pets, livestock and plants can all benefit. Since the body is known to have a vital need for silver to maintain both the immune system and the production of new healthy cells and due to the harmonious nature of colloids entering the body (our blood is also a colloid), it stands within reason that Silver Hydrosol may literally be the safest solution on earth. Silver is also being used to purify drinking water and swimming pools to help eliminate the use of chemicals. 100% NATURAL-99.99% SILVER IONS--AN ESTIMATED ONE THOUSAND TRILLION IONS PER OUNCE!! Today's "lonically Formulated" Silver Hydrosol is touted to be the absolute best, most effective, safest natural immune system booster, antimicrobial, antifungal (highly germicidal), and anti-inflammatory "natural substances" currently known to man! Silver has health benefits far beyond any other material. Silver Hydrosol is not light sensitive-can be boiled, frozen, subjected to intense light and still maintain its potency!! Virtually an unlimited shelf life. We feel that everyone can definitely benefit from the awesome, wide spectrum capabilities of Ionic Silver Hydrosol and should be included in any health regimen. **A SIMPLE SAFE SOLUTION FOR NON CYSTIC ACNE AND MOST SKIN RASH!** Acne and skin rash are both very common and emotionally damaging! The sad part is that they are so easily treated, so here is a safe and simple solution that works in days! First, understand most acne, pimples (zits), blackheads and skin eruptions are caused by bacterial infection, in your skins oil glands. Often due to an overproduction of oils during a hormonal imbalance. Thus, you need a penetrating bactericide, so we suggest an all natural, sate and inexpensive solution of silver ions in pure water. **SILVER HYDROSOL IS REPORTEDLY ALSO A VERY POWERFUL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AGENT.** The truly amazing results reported by testimonials often goes beyond antimicrobial actions! The basis of silver hydrosol’s anti-inflammatory action appears sound, based both on its excellent efficiency on skin burns (severe physical tissue damage) poison ivy, oak and sumac (immune system induced tissue damage)! There are also numerous references on the web of its efficiency against fire ants, bee stings and spider bites. **(This stetments have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is to be use as dietary supplement only.)**